About us

Pat Curran (pat@pandrfarms.com)

Reilly Curran (reilly@pandrfarms.com)

P & R farms was founded by newlyweds Pat and Reilly Curran.  After farming for friends and family they decided to increase production so that they could share their passion with other families that support naturally raised and locally produced meat and poultry. 

Pat has been farming as a hobby for the past ten years while also performing his duties in service and installation for an heating and air company.  He has found himself dreaming of being able to focus solely on farming to be able to provide for his family and continue to grow his vision for his new farm. 

Reilly is a country club chef who has been bitten by the farming bug after reconnecting with her high school sweetheart a few years back.  She always wants to know where her food is coming from when she purchases for her country club but doesn't always like the answers she gets.  Her passion for food continues to grow as her involvement in raising animals humanly increases. 

Pat and Reilly took a leap of faith.  Love and respect for the animals in the center of the plate starts at the farm.  They know that they are not alone in the quest for better quality food.  Their mission at P & R farms is to produce natural, healthy, and happy animals so that the consumer can feel better about where their meat is coming from and appreciate the difference in taste between the large scale commodity meat products and a smaller scale respectful production.

P & R farms is located in Frederick County, Maryland.  They currently focus on pork, chicken, and beef for local pick up or delivery only.  Pat and Reilly are going to break into the Farmers Market scene come spring and continue to promote their local and naturally raised meats.  The goal is to eventually be able to sell their meats online to reach a greater population of customers but for now they are starting slow with farmers markets and local partners.  As they sign up for markets they will make that information available for the public so their happy customers will know where they can get more of their delicious meat.